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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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or do you accept their that you o'reilly is next. go to before you watch bill. good night from washington. see you tomorrow night 7 p.m. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> were in our hears, in our minds, crimea has always been integral part of russia. >> there is danger ahead for the u.s.a. because of putin's aggressive land grab. tonight, we will tell you what that danger is and charles krauthammer will analyze. >> i can't handle the media on this. we have anchors and anchorettes why airplane flies. >> disturbed by the irresponsible news coverage of the missing jet liner. but the folks seem to find it. we will find out why. >> why the grand jury will ultimately decide the fate. believes any criminal
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charges in this case are unlikely. >> also tonight, a texas man shoots a teenager dead in his daughter's bedroom. why are authorities not charging him? is it legal on the case? >> caution, you are about to enter no spin zone. the factor begins right now. if there ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. america in danger, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the puts all of us. all of us in serious jeopardy. because putin is getting away with seizing land that belongs to ukraine. other bad people are taking notice. today putin justified his aggressive action. >> our main partners in the united states and their patrol car continuing call policy prefer not to use international law but the law of the strong and what they are doing they believe
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in their uniqueness that they can rule the world, that they can always be right. >> it's clear putin is going to do exactly what he wants to do and that includes taking over weak countries. he well understands the western democracies are weak themselves, debt ridden and selfish. therefore, we can expect the following unintended consequences. a, north korea, most likely get more aggressive towards south korea. last weekend they fired missiles in a provocative way. b, the syrian butcher assad will most likely regain control of that country and another blood bath will ensue. c, china will most likely seize a small island chain currently governed by japan. worst of all, iran will most likely ramp up its nuclear weapons activity, knowing that putin will no longer embrace sanctions once the west starts to sanction him. president obama has announced that the g 7 will meet in holland if it does
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impose harsh sanctions, putin will then align himself with iran. knocking out the nuke weapons negotiations. can you see what a big mess this is. little power to do much about it in the short-term putin is willing to take some economic pain to congress core territory and believe me this thug is not going to stop. he is going to causes a much trouble as he can because that did i investigators attention away from the bad russian economy. by using military power putin becomes a big hero. rather than being seen as the incompetent administrator he is the truth is try to power policy and it has failed dismally. we are living in a very dangerous world where killers rule, intim at a intimidate inand inflict massive dang. chinese, syrians and iranians will kill anybody without remorse. while many americans are obsessed with a missing jet liner in south asia.
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they are totally missing the danger that confronts this country. back in 1979, iranians took 52 american hostages and held them for about a year and a half. that destroyed president carter's credibility. it ruined him. now, president obama is facing a similar situation with putin make no mistake about it putin is out to destroy barack obama and badly damage the u.s.a. and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction. joining us from reaction political analyst charles krauthammer. where am i going wrong here, charles? >> not really wrong very badly but you are, i think, you are giving too much credit to the russian supposed help to us in negotiations with syria and iran up until now precrimea. the russians were never on our side. the russians have blocked real sanctions against iran all the way through and the russians have been completely behind syria's government, which has been
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killing its people in the tens of thousands. the real area, the real area where the crimea invasion and annexation is going to have an effect is what was, until now, relatively quiet eastern europe nato the frontier of russia. what this does is this unsettles every country on the frontier of ukraine and that means the pols. more nervous are the three baltic its state. lath ilatvia, lithuania and estonia. they were former part of soviet union. 40% of estonia are russian speakers. russia looks at estonia the way it looks at ukraine. that's we have the vice president now. that's not going to do any good. that's the best obama could
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do. that's why the vice president is now in poland on his way to latvia because he has got to calm these people down. today ukraine, tomorrow eastern europe. and that's where the nervousness is beginning. >> i'm advancing the story beyond that. all right? i think china is going to move on these islands, nobody is going to do anything about it, okay? i think north korea is going to up it and start provoking south korea. i think those are the two. iran is the worst. this could lead to world war. because what iran is going to do, if the g-7 punish putin, which they almost have to do next week, all right, then putin is going to tell iran you do what you want and i will back you, all right? i will supply weapons, i will supply money, whatever they reimpose, we will sell you whatever you need. israel is going to pick that up right away. and they are going to bomb iran. they are not going to wait around. once putin starts to say sanctions forget it then israel is going to move. they move this war.
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that is what could happen off this crimea thing. >> i don't think it comes off the crimea thing. that's the reason i disagree. the -- what happened with iran is not that russia is going to change its mind and refuse to back sanctions whantd with iran is that sanctions long before crimea, because it does not understand the world one iota agreed to this interim deal with iran. which is a frs. it's been a farce from day one. everyone knows there is not going to be final deal. everyone knows didn't do anything to stop the iranian program. everyone knows it leaves iran about six weeks away from going nuclear. the key to this interim agreement was a relaxation of sanctions, really hard tough sanctions that have been relaxed. >> putin was on board with the sanctions, at least he was publicly. putin has been talking to iran over last few months before crimea about a
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billion and a half month deal oil for goods. ready to sanctions. >> he is going to break them. >> and the iranian currency is already on the rebound. iran has negotiated with delegates of western europeans. forget about the russians. it is obama who broke the sanctions embargo on iran. not putin. >> once this june 1st is the day. once this so-called temporary treaty or once israel moves. you have all hell break loose in that region. everybody is going to be fighting everybody. i'm saying it's off crimea because crimea gives excuse to of moo. punish putin, is he not going to it sit there and take that punishment. he is going to cause trouble. the place is he going to cause trouble is iran. that's what he is going to
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do. he is weakest across the western world. he doesn't see anybody capable of stands up to him and he is going to ride rough shot. you mark my word, charles. iran, china and north korea, the russians, everybody stands is living invasion of crimia, do not happen in the 21st century. for god's sake, they have already happened. >> that's right. they're still living on the moon and they know america is nowhere to be seen under this administration. everywhere, on that i do agree. >> absolutely. wifs up fast. we are going to hold charles over. later, a father shoots his daughter's boyfriend in his own home. kills him. and will likely not be
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yeah, i'm just not buying it man. earn unlimited double miles with no blackout dates from the capital one venture card. my brother john, he works here. john, you know this guy? what's in your wallet? in the impact segment total. why is america obsessed with the missing in legs jet liner? some of us are disturbed by the situation. >> i can't handle the media on this. i literally cannot. we have anchor and anchor ettes that don't know why the planes fly. they couldn't explain the differential lift to you if their jobs depended on it it's all such a show. i just -- i can't -- i can't handle the media coverage of it. >> mr. limbaugh is right. watching some of this coverage is painful. today somebody did five minutes on a possible electrical fire on the plane. well, if there was an
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electrical fire, don't you think the pilots would have radioed about it? another dopey pundit put forth a stow away might have hijacked the plane on national tv. a stow away. unbelievable. rejoining us now from washington charles krauthammer. so, i want you toible aize me when i'm watching, this i'm flowing -- i'm upset about it i know i'm old school but i know it's ratings. obviously it's ratings. there are people want to watch the mystery. but it's now corrupting the news business, i think. what do you say? >> look, as analyzing you i'm not sure you can afford my rates. >> i can. i can. i got a new contract here. i can afford it. >> do you have obamacare? >> no. i pay cash, charles. i'm not going to put through that. >> all right. well in that case i might just do it. look, let me try to explain why i think there is this fascination. this is a story with a lot of sort of fantastic
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fictional elements. it's got, first of all, agay that agay ago that murphy. there is james bond feel. secret islands with a runway. >> that's what i thunder ball. >> exactly. now, if you are a sophisticate, it's got amelia earhardt. the lost airplane in the south seas. this is sort of a mixture of all these story lines. i personally have as little interest as you do except for the fact that it's a terrible strategy. i would hate to think of what the families are going through and i think in the coverage what annoys me is the wave it's become a game when actually it's a terrible, terrible event. and there are people who are terribly suffering. >> sure. >> and imagine what it was
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like if you were a passenger and the drama went on for hours and hours. but, i mean, as for why the networks are doing it, you know why and i know why. >> sure. they are getting ratings for it. the mystery drives it but also people identify with this because everybody flies. and what would i do and, you know, i could be on that plane. and there is a personal element to it. but, right now though, you know, cable news is a great thing i think. it's give voice to you and to me and to a lot of people who probably never would have been seen on the networks news because of stranglehold and ideology. there comes a point where it becomes burlesque show. it becomes a farce. we have reached that point on this coverage. when you have people well, stow away. you know, well, when is godzilla come in, ookay? and on another network they actually said aliens might have taken it. and they weren't kidding can around. and then you go. >> well now you are talking my language. psychotic. can i deal with that.
5:17 pm
i can explain that. but the real mystery is why the ordinary, nonpsychotic people so fascinated with this? and i think it's had all these exotic story lines and the way that the media responded is not a conspiracy, normally you and i are upset about the bias in the media. >> it's a ration grab. >> here it is just, you know what this is? capitalism at work. >> yeah. i know but sometimes. >> they see ratings and they go after them. >> sometimes you have to -- all right. i know i'm old school and i know i shouldn't be bothered by it charles krauthammer, just send me the bill, charles, i will get it for you. doctor's book things that matter, still a very big best seller. there it is. also we have brand new bill o' poll for you. is the media overdoing the malaysian airlines story. yes or. no is it overdoing it? i think i know how this one is going to come out there. are a few new facts on the jet deal. if it's a legitimate story if there are things in play, we're going to tell you
5:18 pm
about it okay? we don't have any problem with that. but, the stow away stuff? i mean, come on. and then, there is pressure on american stores not to sell cigarettes. even as the sale of marijuana is being encouraged like places in colorado. how does that square? we will put that question right to allen colmes. how does that square? cigarettes no. pot yes. those reports after these messages. t!
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factor follow up segment
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tonight, as you know i believe the jet liner is at the bottom of the indian ocean, that's an opinion based on the facts that we have presented here. right now the search for the plane is covering 3 million square miles. good luck. joining us from colorado springs dan hampton, author of the book viper pilot. now, with your background you know a lot about aviation. as and, as i mentioned to charles krauthammer, there are all kinds of wacky theories the media is throwing out there, electrical fire. you know, a stow away, i mean, it's just insane. before we get to this madness, there is one thing that happened today that i need an explanation on. the thai government, thai military now says it did pick up this plane on radar. does that mean anything? >> they picked it up on radar about where all this happened anyway. so even if they saw it in my opinion, it doesn't mean much because we already knew where the airplane was up to this point. in fact, we knew where it was probably a little bit later over the straits.
5:23 pm
i don't think it means anything that they came forward. >> i didn't either. the thai government says we didn't tell anybody because the malaysians didn't ask. if you know anything about the area, thailand and malaysia don't like each other because there is fighting in the south about borders and ethnic differences and things like that. all right. so that doesn't really matter. now, i base this is speculation. i gave it on letterman show. there is evidence looks like this pilot as the egyptian air pilot did just took the plane and crashed ited into the ocean i could be wrong absolutely. i'm playing sherlock holmes deducing is that farfetched what i'm saying? no i don't think it is at all. that is the simplest
5:24 pm
explanation. for whatever reason, we can talk about why all day long. for whatever reason this guy or somebody who could fly this airplane did this. and i think like i said last week on fox if i wanted indian airliner i would pick the indian ocean. that's perfect place to hide it. >> you can't land it there. deago go garce. you can't land a plane without people knowing it. not a plane of that size, right? right and i don't think that's the point. you look at the tactions until the point where the plane disappeared and they were deliberate. this also means and this is a big clue that nobody is talking about. this airplane carries emergency locater transmitter one on the tail that will impact on contact. make hard landings and they don't want it to go off. the other two are in the cabin. the flight attendant is
5:25 pm
supposed to turn the battery on when they hit the water and throw these things into the water because they are activated by salt water. there has been no beacon signal which would have happened if it crashed on land or crashed on water unless they were deliberately disabled. i agree with you. i think it's at the bottom of the ocean. >> could it be both pilots together? could have just been one. could have disabled the other pilot. that's not harvard to -- hard to do. iron door for people to come on door and say a stow away. you don't get through the iron door so it has to be the pilots, right? it would have to be one of the two pilots that were there or as i said a few days ago on fox, somebody could have shown up with the proper credentials before takeoff and gotten in the jump seat and malaysians are so lax about security there might be no record of him. >> that's a long shot though. that's a long shot that there would be somebody who shows up, sits in the jump seat, nobody records it
5:26 pm
because somebody would see the person on the ramp. somebody would have seen the i.d. you know, nobody has come forward so, i have got to go and you are a logical man and you are a man that's your book "viper pilot" is based on facts. you have got to go with what's staring you in the face. crazy pilot just did it and they are never going to find the bottom of the indian ocean. last word. >> i don't think so. and again it's not that difficult. everybody is getting wrapped up about altitude changes, whatever. that's not necessary to -- the pilot can depressurize the entire airplane and the passenger's oxygen turned off or runs out in 20 minutes. he has a separate oxygen system up front. he can fly for hours and put the plane down whenever he wanted to. >> the pilot could kill the people very easily and do what he wants and that's what i assume happened. dan, thanks. we appreciate it plenty more
5:27 pm
ahead as the factor moves along this evening. houston man kills a teenager dead, shoots him dead in his young daughter's bedroom. it looks like he will not be charged. is it legal is investigating. next, authorities want to ban the sale of cigarettes. but smoking pot is fine. crowley and colmes will attempt to explain that we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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unresolved problem segment tonight, the attorneys general from 28 states are asking drug stores and large retailers to stop selling all tobacco products. c.v.s. has announced it will do that by october. however, in colorado, washington state, they have legalized pot and it is being marketed aggressively in colorado. so, is that a contradiction? with us now monica crowley and alan colmes. colmes, i can't wait to hear your explanation on. this i knew you were on the edge of your seat waiting for me to come in here. >> if you look at what's happening in colorado, they have a pot colonists to tell you what the best brand is in the area that you live. >> consumer information. >> yes. >> they have advertising like crazy. let's go to the pot store buy a little marijuana. >> that's a great jingle. >> if you want to smoke cigarettes, you are -- is the denver most, do they have a tobacco? do they? it's l and m better than winston? denver post?
5:32 pm
tell me. >> i think they should. >> no, no i why is it happening? why are they doing it. >> i don't agree with it the government shouldn't be telling a store you shouldn't be selling tobacco. they are selling marijuana. it is a contradiction. >> you don't think the government should have any role in this at all? >> not at all. attorneys general encourage these businesses like walgreen's. >> that's the government getting involved. colmes is right. >> not government coercion. if it were coercion then i would have a problem with it as it stands now. deadly, i lost somebody close to me it to lung cancer. i saw the worst kind of ranches the cigarettes. so i understand that. cigarette manufacture yirs to put the labels that's government intrusion. >> you don't need the government to tell people it's not safe. >> did you oppose that putting the labels. >> having the label is fine. >> that's the same. >> it's different than saying we don't want you to be selling the product. >> the product is still
5:33 pm
legal. neither of you two have any problem with the government discouraging, you just don't want to ban it. >> i don't think they don't need to be going and telling you you shouldn't sell this. >> then you impose a warning label. >> that's different than going to retailers and say we will advise you but in the pot arena. it's already. >> we have a major newspaper major columnist to tell you what bud is best. are they doing that for cigarettes? no explain it to me. tobacco. there are different strains. >> philosophically. >> there is a wide variety that you can smoke in the pot world. >> so, therefore, the media
5:34 pm
out in denver, this is the largest newspaper in the state. they should give you all this information. shouldn't they be discouraging this? it's putting carcinogens in your system. >> to be con sis is at the present time, you are absolutely right about that. >> you are right. >> i agree with you on this 100% there are some forms of marijuana, synthetic and medical that do come in a pill form. most cases marijuana is smoked. so you are introducing toxins into your system. cigarettes have other chemicals and overriding arch. still doing damage to your lung tissue. >> here is the deal. >> they like the pot. they like the pot. >> no one on the right smokes it. >> stossel and his crew all day long. that's all they are doing. left controls the media and they like the pot. they love the pot. they want it legalized and celebrated and watch cheech
5:35 pm
and chong movies all at day. >> that's what we do. >>. >> so hypocritical. so ridiculous because, quite frankly, you get inebriated is not -- >> vietnam all that they love those days. >> big business. >> they hate them. >> pot hasn't quite gotten to that point yet. >> it will. >> also they can get the kids. libertarians say if if you legalize marijuana. that's one of the big reasons why the kids. >> kids are going to be so stoned in 10 years. >> smoke there you go. you know i'm right, colmes. you know woodstock generation who controls the media now, exhipies, they love the pot they don't like the cigarettes. you know? that's what it's all about.
5:36 pm
crowley and colmes, everyone. when we come right back, is it legal on attacks man shooting a teenager dead in his own house with no repercussions thus far. then stossel on more of your money being wasted by the federal government. upcoming. [ male announr ] how can power consumption in china,
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment total. three hot topics twinning with an amazing situation in houston. unidentified houston father shot a 17-year-old boy dead in his daughter's bedroom she is 16. looks like the 55-year-old father will not be charged. here now to explain attorneys and fox news analyst kimbler live guilfoyle and lis wiehl. not charged, wiehl? >> not charged because of the castle doctrine in states. if you are home it's your castle. if you feel you are imminent threat to you or someone in that room in this case the daughter then you have the right to use that lethal force. >> now what we know about this case, guilfoyle is that the 16-year-old daughter invited the 17-year-old boyfriend in the home at 2:00 a.m. they are fooling around. the father heard something, went into the daughter's bedroom, saw the boy unarmed. shot the boy dead.
5:41 pm
now, that doesn't seem to be a castle situation. >> yeah, but the law is going to give the presumption in that state to the defendant, meaning the father if he reasonably believed that he was either in imminent danger or one of his family members inside the home. the key fact is so far the daughter said at the time so this is just right in the moment, says i don't know who he is. so then the dad is thinking it's an intruder. keep in mind. >> so the the daughter just. >> set it up. >> told the father when the father surprised them i don't know him. >> i don't know him but later recanted, right? >> just a little bit set the scene. >> what did daughter later do. >> rekanted later but not at that moment that's the critical thing. >> so the daughter is the deceiver. the daughter let the boy in, knew the boy but lied to the father. >> right. >> exactly. lied -- the little brother that came in before that. >> a little brother came in before that. >> came in before told dad. dad comes. in i don't know him. he gets shot.
5:42 pm
it's all in that moment. what was this man. >> i understand. the father thought his daughter was being raped recommendation obviously. >>. wouldn't he know the daughter was dating this guy? >> no, no. i wouldn't if i were a juror on a grand jury. i wouldn't each take that into consideration. you have got to know the mind set of the father. >> right. now, if the father thought his daughter was in danger, now the father also said the kid made some suspicious movements. but the kid didn't have any gun. the heavy odds are that father will not be charged, right? >> that's right. if it were not in a state that did not have that was sell law would the father be charged. >> >> maybe manslaughter. >> jury would not have convicted in the daughter testified look, i lied to my father. >> i lied to my father when he he came in i told him i didn't know this kid. >> absolutely a lot of emotion. >> it looks to me like the father is not guilty. all right, carnival crews
5:43 pm
lines, big scandal in february. had all kinds of trouble on their ship with the plumbing. >> very bad. everybody was terrorized. so now people are suing carnival. everybody knew this was going to happen. they want $5,000 a month for the rest of their lives. while, guilfoyle? what was inflicted on them to get that much money? >> they are not going to get the money. they would have to show that there was intentional misconduct or gross negligence on behalf. >> now you are in the zone. i don't want that yet. what did they say jnchts intentionally. >> guilfoyle, what do they say happened to them to get this money? >> well, because there was urine soaked carpets. >> we all know that. >> toilets overflowing. >> what happened though them. >> they were physically and emotionally upset. >> upset? >> unless they have specific medical costs that arose out of that incident and anything that continue. >> for the rest of their lives they want to be compensated. >> you are not allowed to get punitive damages. they already had a three week trial behind closed
5:44 pm
doors. the judge has to consider what kind of compensation they deserve. the conduct on carnival crews when electrical fire you can't say that that was intentionally caused by carnival. >> it was negligent though. >> it's negligent but is it such gross negligence -- >> -- what i don't understand. >> post-traumatic stress syndrome. >> that will carry through. >> botched bad things. >> that's it. >> post-traumatic. >> i have a urinary tract infection from it and from that i'm going to be sick for the rest of my life. >> we should all be compensated by carnival. not to this effect given a check and given some money but i don't think a thousand for the rest of their life. >> carnival offer something up good enough up front. $500. that's not enough. >> san francisco community college, i'm sure that's a lively school. there was a riot there, roll the tape. >> what are you doing? what are you doing? get in. get in. what are you doing?
5:45 pm
what are you doing, officer? officer, what are you doing? what are you doing? what are you doing? what? oh my god, oh my god. >> couple of kids got arrested. six cops got hurt. what are they mad about? >> they are mad because the school is changing the fee policy, basically. they are saying for out of state students you have to pay more. the students say discriminate against us. if we are illegals here you are discriminating us. >> stop. you are outrunning your coverage again. they are mad because the illegal aliens have to pay out-of-state tuition, right? >> yes. the fees are going up. >> these people say no, we don't want illegal aliens to pay out-of-state because are out of state. they don't even live there they live in another country. >> costing them more. >> these morons attacked this campus security and that's what happened. >> they want the chancellor to resign. they got violent. the point is undocumented and try to say poor students who can't prove that they are residents of california
5:46 pm
are paying for money. >> two misdemeanor charges. >> i got it it ladies, thank you. ladies as always. thank you. stossel on deck. more of your money being wasted by the federal government. what a surprise. factor tip of the day. evil man on his death bed. moments away. ♪
5:47 pm
♪ ♪
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5:49 pm
back of the book segment tonight. stossel matters as you may know our pal john has a program thursday on the fox business channel. this week it's called spring cleaning. >> it's springtime. you know what that means. spring cleaning. >> we got to scrub, we got to clean. >> no, wait. your house is clean enough. but what really needs cleaning is government. government overflows with stuff we should throw out.
5:50 pm
>> here now stossel, i ask you to bring us three foolish examples of government spending, $18 trillion debt right now. number one. >> number one. >> outhouse in alaska. >> for $100,000. why. >> why do we need a outhouse. >> shipped it from oregon: we found on the web you can buy an actual house for less. >> who is getting that house? who is it for. >> it's in a park in alaska. >> a national park. >> blm. bureau of land management. >> this is in a park where people visit. and you want to have sanitary. you want to have facilities. >> sure. >> you could have gotten it for $700 on the web and probably more shipping instead of $100,000. do you flush it or is it just -- >> -- no, it's waterless. >> it's waterless.
5:51 pm
unbelievable. >> people managed to go in the woods before. >> we don't want people going in the woods. >> in the same neighborhood you can buy an actual house for less money. >> right for 75,000. >> three beds, two baths, 64,000. >> all right, the second one is -- >> -- a bus stop in arlington, virginia. a million dollars. it has heated floors. >> there it is right there. >> build 24 more of them. >> online you could probably get it for 3,000. >> in new york city they are free. they company. put up advertising. >> traded. >> made money from the bus stop. >> new york city, if you build it, then you can advertise for free. you trade it and it's the million dollars here we are looking at the government a million dollars. >> they are going to build more. >> no they are not. >> they have a plan for 20 more. >> you and i are going to stop that. and the local government says sure, let's do it because the feds will pay 80%. >> they will fay. the last one is a million dollars. >> this is my favorite.
5:52 pm
>> university of tennessee. we have some tape on this. a million dollars university of tennessee for this. go. >> get fruit, great style. >> what ungod's name is that? >> they are encouraging people to eatgod's name is that? >> they're encouraging people to eat fruits and vegetables. >> fruits. fruits, they're -- they're dressed up like grapes. >> they're dressed as grapes. it's not just the university of tennessee, a bunch of universities, students working together, they're going to inspire people. >> the feds gave the university $5 million to produce this stupid video? >> and to do other things. >> like run around campus
5:53 pm
dressed like a cantaloupe. >> it's much more, an education program. i'm sure is coming. >> $5 million the university of tennessee got for this dopey thing? >> we could have produced that stupid video for about $5,000? >> they're calling it the get fruv campaign. fruits and vegetables. >> bernie sanders tells me, he's going to tax us even more, the socialist. >> you have to pay for this stuff. >> john stossel, everybody, it's pathetic, but it's real. factor tip of the day, an evil man, an evil man on his deathbed. the tip, moments away.
5:54 pm
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deal on billo' for everybody. two t-shirts for the price of one. we have a big survey for premium members, please check that out as well we want to know what you think about the membership and all that. corinne malika. would you stop saying terrorists always take credit right away, therefore the malaysian jet disappearance is not a terror attack. >> bin laden took credit for it immediately but not in a public way, you're right about that. intel agencies knew that al qaeda did it, because of the internet chatter. the odds are, this was not an organized terror attack, but the actions of the pilot or pilots are certainly to be define d. >> i agree that cable news is
5:57 pm
off the charts with speculation. chris nelson tampa, florida, you report the news, o'reilly, when everyone else is bloviating. until the ratings begin to drop, the speculation is going to fly. nelson gomez, come on, bill, do you not see a connection between president obama's tepid reaction to putin and his comment on an open mic that he would be more flexible after the election? it's a fair question, no question mr. obama thought he could reason with putin. he figured he would get a good relationship out of that. he was obviously wrong. putin took his words as weakness. bob marshamarshack, i had trepis
5:58 pm
about killing jesus being jewish, but it was well researched and written will steve ingram from ewa beach. i look forward to seeing you in honolulu on may 10th. it's going to be a blast. lots of military personnel going to be there. more details on all the shows on billo' the factor tip of the day, reports are that fred phelps is near death. the loathsome preacher who funded the westboro baptist church. the 84-year-old church is a hater. >> god is dealing with this nation in his wrath, he apointed osama bin laden and many more
5:59 pm
like him to destroy this land. the nation's of the world hate doomed america and rightfully so. on the watch of the lying whore false prophets of this so called christian nation, have taken over. >> for those who believe in an after life, mr. phelps may have some explaining to do. only god is to render judgment and we are to love our neighbor. i'm not judging phelps, i'm just opining he may have a problem. redemption is always possible. that is it for us tonight. please check out the foxnewsfactor website, which is different from billo' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, no namby pamby when writing to the factor.
6:00 pm
it's a real word, people think they know what it means, you may be wrong. we don't want it. miss megyn is next. please remember, the spin stops right here, we're definitely looking out for you . breaking tonight, a bombshell in the mystery of the missing plane. the kelly file confirming a crucial piece of the puzzle. in what could be a big break in the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. welcome to the kelly file, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. moments ago, the kelly file learning details about the time line, vastly different from what we knew before. official government sources are saying at the time the co pilot calmly signed off with malaysian air traffic control at 1:07 a.m., this jet had already made its u-turn